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  • AUB Admission is ongoing for Fall - 2024 (July to December) 
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- M.A in English -

M.A in English

Description of the Program: 

The Department of English also offers M.A in English which focuses on both language and literature. There are two types of M.A in English programs: 1. Students having honors in English (Group-A, 14x3=42 credits). 2. Students having two years graduation, Group-B (B.A pass), 22x3=66 credits

Both these programs are intended to produce world class graduates with skills and expertise to face the modern world.


Program Educational Objectives (PEO): 

The PEO is to provide the students of the Department of English with the most modern knowledge of literary and linguistic minds. They will be introduced with the earliest English and American writers as well as postmodern theorists and literature. The department is to create professionals with a high sense of culture, world order, and humane qualities. They will be able to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century. They will be an asset for the community, the country, and the world, at large. The specific PEO’s are as follows:


  1. Establish a good learning environment in the department so that the graduates can attain knowledge, skills and attitude and be fit to meet the future challenges in the job market. 


  1. Introduce most modern and updated syllabus according to the needs of society as well as demands of potential employers; 


  1. Enroll good quality students with commitment so that the graduates can achieve desired standards.


  1. Improve physical facilities, like laboratory, library, classroom etc. to create better learning conditions to achieve desired goal. 


  1. Ensure effective teaching-learning for meaningful quality education. 


  1. Establish fair and effective procedures to assess achievement of the students.


  1. Improve student support services so that students' personal and academic needs can be met.


  1. Make an effective team of teaching and non-teaching staff for meaningful quality education as well as services. 


  1. Develop capacity, formulate policy, and undertake programs for innovative research and development works.



Program Learning Outcome:

On completion of M.A in English the graduates will be able to-

  1. Produce written arguments about literary texts. 
  2. Identify literary periods, authors, genres, and  journals
  3. Teach English language teaching techniques to ESL/EFL learners.
  4. Teach rhetoric, composition, and related courses at universities, colleges and high schools.
  5. Work as researchers and technical writers in public and private sectors.
  6. compete for jobs at home and abroad at any educational and academic institutions that requires English skills
  7. Uphold the ethical and moral standard of universal order.
  8. Relate their ideologies with and skills with practical life. 
  9. Internalize detail ideas of theme, structure and design of English Language and Literature
  10. Evaluate English language skills and design syllabus for ESL/EFL learners
  11. Use education technology in class and professional presentations. 


Curriculum Structure

  1. Duration of the Program:  a. 2 Years / 4 semesters (6 monthly) (Group b. 1.5 Year/3 semesters(6 monthly) (Group-A)
  • Total credit: a. 1  Year Program( 14 courses=14x3=42 Credits)
  •                        b. 2 Years Program(22 courses=22x3=66 Credits)


  1. Admission requirements

The entry requirement for M.A in English program is B.A(pass)/ B.Com.(Pass)/ B.Sc.(Pass) or equivalent, or B.A(Hons)degree in English with minimum 2nd Division/ 2nd class or GPA 2.5 in both S.S.C HSC or equivalent examinations


Compulsory: 9 courses (8 courses=8x3=24 Credits and Dissertation=6 Credits , Total =24+6=30 Credits) Group A & B



Semester wise courses:


Group A (Three Semesters): 42 Credits 


Semester 1


Course Title 

Course Code


Language Teaching: Approaches and Methods.

0232- 5311


Post -Colonial Literature and Theory

0232- 5519


Modernist Literature

0232-  5520


Continental Literature

0232- 5621


Second  Language Acquisition

0232- 5414


William Shakespeare: Texts and Criticism

0232- 5622


Semester 2


Course Title

Course Code


Postmodernism: Theory and Literature.



Feminist Literature

0232- 5624


American Literature

0232- 5725


Syllabus Design and Material Development

0232- 5415


Introduction to Philosophy

Phil 1105


Advanced Business Communication

MBA 5153

Semester 3


Course Title

Course Code


Research Methodology and Dissertation (6 credits)As per the BAC requirements

0232- 5726