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  • AUB Admission is ongoing for Fall - 2024 (July to December) 
  • AUB Admission is ongoing for Fall - 2024 (July to December) 
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-Code of Conduct to be followed by the students-


  • AUB authority expects that the students shall try their best to acquire proper education as per curriculum, develop good moral character  and prove themselves to be worthy citizens of the country;
  • The authority further expects that the students will be able to gain satisfaction of their parents and relatives by showing visible changes in them in terms of their education they received and behavior; For every student shall try to abide by the following code of conduct:
  • Students shall refrain from those acts and behavior which might hamper the atmosphere of imparting teaching and other administrative works;
  •  Students shall carry their  ID card inside the university campus at all times;
  •  Students will be neat and clean, decent and moderate in dress and lively and cheerful in nature;
  • They will endeavor to keep their classrooms and campus premises clean and tidy;
  •  All the documents given by the university including money receipt, mark sheet, provisional certificate, etc. should be preserved carefully;
  • Every student must be regular in attending their classes, and will require a minimum of 70 percent class attendance to sit for the final exam;
  •  They must make sure that the campus is completely free from politics. No political activity can be carried out inside the university;
  •  Any type of grouping, lobbying, political propagation within the campus are not allowed;
  • All kinds of bullying, ragging, sexual harassment, fanaticism, radicalism, extremism, anti-social and terrorist activities are forbidden;
  • Spreading hatred, defaming anybody, posting false news and/or any kind of propaganda on the Social Media will be treated as punishable offense under Digital Security Act.
  •  Try to be respectful to the fellow students and other members of the AUB. Students shall foster brotherly/sisterly atmosphere and practice ethical values as per the motto of AUB;
  •  Punitive actions will be taken against any obscene, objectionable and illegal material found with anyone;
  • The university campus is completely non-smoking. So smoking anywhere inside the campus is strictly prohibited;
  •  All University resources must be used responsibly. Nothing can be broken or destroyed.
  • All international students must abide by all the rules of Bangladesh and ensure valid student visa during the period their studies at AUB.
  •  If any student’s conduct is observed to be incompliant, the matter might be referred to the Disciplinary Committee and their decision regarding the accused will be final.

Good luck for all.