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  • AUB Admission is ongoing for Fall - 2024 (July to December) 
  • AUB Admission is ongoing for Fall - 2024 (July to December) 
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Dr. Shireen Akhter

Assalamu Alaikum. Greetings to all from the Department of Education  and Training(DoET),AUB. 

A teacher is engaged in the great profession of teaching. He/She builds the next generation by fulfilling his/her professional duties. The entire world sees the teacher as an ideal man of wisdom with artistic vision of beauty and the holy spirit.
A teacher must be prepared for this great profession through training. Training makes  a teacher professional skilled and career oriented.How many qualities can be found in the explanation analysis of English synonyms teacher -TEACHER.For example- Trained Talented Transperance Thoughtfulness Expert Energetic Educate Accountability Artistic Asthetic Amiable Advocacy Administrator Careful Creative Competent Combinator Controller Hard worker Helper Honest Evaluator Editor  Economy Explainer Eloquent Examiner Reliable Responsible Resourceful Realistic Researcher.There are also many more qualifying attributes.B.Ed & M.Ed both programs have been running here for nearly 26 years. In in- service training teacher keep themselves trained with the dynamic of time and era. Department is working on Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning ( CETL). The faculty are highly Trained Facilitators Supervisors and Managers. The trainees are here involved in during the training are briefly as follows- Core courses, Andragogy  (Teaching studies) Micro-Teaching and Simulation,Teaching Practice.Seminar/ Workshop, Optional courses,professional Electrive,Majors, Thesis, Internship etc with modern techniques and methods in competency based teaching learning.We are implementing OBE curriculum of UGC. We have four teachers working permanently.A student of the B.Ed and M.Ed program has to complete 60 credit hours over a duration of at least one year.

what is the most important goal of a teacher is enhancing quality learning. Improving and maintaining their well- being. Professional growth better student management, equips them modern pedagogy strategies. Builds better relationship with others. professional behaviour include knowledge and skill about the field.Our trained teacher are playing a role spread all over the Bangladesh and in different parts of the world.The department is working to fulfill the requirements of University Grant Commission. We are committed and proactive in carrying out the vision and mission of the University  and department. In this internet based world, in democratic attitude, we will act by giving priority to the opinion of others. We invite all to visit the department at any time of convenience. May Allah help us in all our good deeds.

Dr. Shireen Akhter

Head & Professor