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  • AUB Admission is ongoing for Fall - 2024 (July to December) 
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Mohammed Mohsin Miyan

Department of English: A Center of Excellence

Asian University of Bangladesh is one of the best private universities in Bangladesh to offer higher education at an affordable cost to people from all walks of life. The Department of English possesses the highest rank in producing top quality graduates from this university. The department is built on the principle of imparting high-quality education to the general mass at a minimal cost. It has been doing it for the last twenty years. 

The department of English is doing a wonderful job of educating people and making a very skilled workforce for the future. Graduates from the department of English have made their marks at home and abroad. They are employed in all sectors of this country; be it an educator, a teacher, an administrator, or a police officer. In every field of performance, they gained much appreciation and accolades. 

No wonder why people choose to employ the graduates from this department. This is because of the high quality, professionalism, and moral standard which the department is inherently committed to deliver. The graduates are trained to face the challenges of the modern job market for they are taught the best possible ideas, thought process, and creativity available in the modern literary world. They are highly professional because they are guided by some specific rules and motivations; self-respect, efficiency, manners, empathy, and order. When a graduate is ready to be employed in a professional field of his choice, he/she would be able to ensure all these qualities in practical life. Ethics are the basis of our integrity of characters. So, every graduate will be equipped with all the necessary moral values and norms before they are introduced in work life. 

A team of high-quality professionals are dedicated to deliver education, knowledge, and skills for the AUBians who would be able to lead the nation in the present world. The books that we follow, the environment where they are nurtured, the people they meet are all highly professional and motivating. Naturally, they will grow up to be professionally skilled human beings. 

The newly built Ashulia campus offers the students an opportunity to enrich themselves with knowledge and social values because the lash green campus will facilitate ample space for the students to socialize and learn at the same time. There is a big library with enough reference books and updated materials. On top of that all the students can procure their textbooks free of charge every semester. 

Having all these facilities, the department of English of AUB would like to welcome you as a member of the department. 


Mohammed Mohsin Miyan

Head and Associate Professor