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  • AUB Admission is ongoing for Spring - 2024 ( January to June ) 
  • AUB Admission is ongoing for Spring - 2024 ( January to June ) 
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Nighat Sultana

Welcome to the Department of Government and Politics of Asian University of Bangladesh. The Department of Government and Politics offers tremendous opportunity for the undergraduate and graduate program through all of its key sub-fields of political science. We are solely dedicated to improving our understanding of national and worldwide political perspectives including Governance, Political Theory, Public Administration, Public Policy, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Economy, Geopolitics and Local Government and Administration. The department also emphasized the issue of development and social changes of the world today.  We also expedite the experience of drastic economic, cultural, political, technological, and environmental changes into a think-tank. We also include the option of inter-disciplinary courses in our curriculum for the students to use their academic knowledge of political science so that they can create a path between their theoretical understanding and their socio-political thought. The department exaggerates and promotes social science research and assists the interested students in developing their skills relevant to other fields of job opportunity, such as; effective communication and critical thinking in study.  The department also endeavors to attain distinction in teaching, learning and research by disseminating the information of ICT and understanding required to develop Bangladeshi society to contribute to the global community as a whole. The Department of Government and Politics of Asian University of Bangladesh is committed to maintaining a fearless and inclusive environment that supports an open and respectful exchange of ideas. The faculty members of the department are innovative scholars who offer our students a broad range of backgrounds, methodologies, and approaches. The faculty and staff in the Department strive to help students meet their academic goals. We hope you will join us if you are passionate about politics and seeking upper skills to enhance your research, communication, and analytical ability.

Nighat Sultana

Head and Assistant Professor